Before You Buy A New Movie Camera, Read This

March 11, 2017

Unless you are Steven Spielberg or Martin Scorsese, you probably have a limited filmmaking budget. While you may have a great idea for a movie that will be the darling of the next film festival, you are undoubtedly looking for cost-effective ways to produce your film. A great way to save money is to avoid buying a new movie camera. Zacuto offers film equipment for rent. Here are five reasons you should consider renting a camera instead of buying a new one.

1. You Will Save Money

Purchasing a new movie camera can really break the bank. Even worse, you might only use the camera a few times. If you rent one, you will pay only for the time you use the equipment. You also probably will pay considerably less than the cost of a new camera. Then, you can invest the balance of your movie budget in another area, helping you make a better film.

2. You Will Get the Right Equipment

If you choose to purchase a camera instead of rent, you will probably buy one you can afford. That may not, however, be the best equipment for making your movie. By renting, you will have access to better equipment that fits in your budget. If you are curious about the sort of cameras available, head over to and look at the selection. Chances are good you will be surprised at the affordable, quality cameras you can rent.

3. You Will Get a Trial Run

Unless you have experience operating many different movie cameras, you probably don’t know how well any specific model will work. If you buy a camera, even if it shoots terrible film, you are probably stuck with it. By renting, however, you get to try the camera and make sure it works. If it doesn’t give you the picture you want, you can return it and rent something else.

4. You Can Get on Location Easier

If you own your movie camera, you will be responsible for getting it safely to and from your shooting locations. Depending on how exotic your movie set is, that could be quite an inconvenience. If you rent, though, Zacuto can send the camera wherever you want. Instead of adding extra weight and bulk to your luggage, try the much simpler alternative renting provides.

5. You Can Rent More

As a filmmaker, you probably understand that very few movies are shot with one camera. If you blow your budget buying one, you might have no choice but to shoot an amateur-looking, single-camera film. By renting, however, you might have the budget to borrow several cameras. This will give your film a much more polished look. Even better, by having access to many rented cameras, you can speed up production on your picture.

For filmmakers with a great vision for a movie, having access to the right video equipment can help turn ideas into reality. Unfortunately, the high cost and inconvenience of buying a movie camera can kill a movie before production begins. For those looking to shoot a film, renting a camera from Zacuto can offer a cost-effective, useful way to get the right cameras.

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